Text Box: Equestrian Timing System (EQT-SYS02)
Simple and easy to use , you only need to put the sensors in the correct position , switch on the timer unit  , and you are ready.  The operation is so easy  , anybody could operate the system within minutes ! 
The standard system includes 1 Timing Unit , 3 Pole mounted wireless optical sensors with tripod stands , 
1 Large and 1 Small ( Judges) display panels ,  all batteries and cables for charging / operations manual 
All neatly in a carry  case or bag for easy transportation and storage.
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Timing Unit

¨ Basic functions to  do a “START” , “SPLIT” and “STOP” timing

       Sequence with a remote  Judge “PAUSE” button .

¨ Reliable Switch Mode 180Vac to 260Vac power supply

¨ Built in Battery and charger to run the complete system during mains failure ,

        it also serves as a battery charger for the sensor units.

¨ Accurate timing electronics internally to 1/1000 sec

¨ Built in Large LCD display to show race status as well as all timing information

¨ User Friendly operation

¨ Radio receiver with a antennae system for remote sensing of  the infra red beam units

¨ RS232 Computer interface for timing and logging with  Equestrian Timing Software .  Software to be purchased separately .

¨ A Line printer interface is included so that all results could be printed in real time ( LX80 Printer optional extra )


The unit can handle the following situations

¨               Normal race with START and STOP sensors

¨               Split Race with START then SPLIT and normal STOP function .

                 Times will be logged and  displayed  separately for both sections of the race

¨               Only valid triggers from the arena is accepted by means of a “ARMED” function on all sensors.

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Tripod  Mount sensor units

¨ Built in Battery  and management circuit  that will outlast  a complete event   

¨ Long range Dual  infra-red sensors up to 30m  between the sender and receiver unit

¨ Digital—Secure Radio transmitter with external antennae giving a useful range of  150 meters

¨ Rain / Splash proof  construction ensures operation in rainy conditions

¨ Fits on top of  a  heavy duty type tripod stand which visually does not clutter up the view on the course


                 These units needs to be placed where a time mark is required  , no need for wires as the radio link does it all

Large Display Panel

¨ Large panel readable over a distance of  100meters

¨ Rain / Splash proof  construction ensures operation in all conditions

¨ Fits on top of  a  heavy duty type tripod stand

¨ Linked to the TIMER unit via a cable or optional wireless receiver  .


Small Display Panel (Optional  Extra )


¨ Small desktop display panel is available for judges viewing inside the timing box

¨ Also use it as a outside display for nearby  viewing ( 20M )

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Pc Interface Software and Cable  (Optional  Extra )

¨ Logs all Timing values  to hard drive for review or result printing .

¨ Uses USB2—Universal Serial Bus  to be compatible with all laptops running Microsoft Win98 thru to Win7

¨ Manual entry of Rider and Horse details will be saved and prunted with the results